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Choose the right Autoclave for your Instruments

To create a safe working environment use a Prestige Medical laboratory autoclave. If you need to sterilize liquids and media or eliminate the risk of cross infection through contaminated waste, then the Classic Media autoclave offers a professional, safe and affordable solution.

Autoclaves for Laboratories

The most popular laboratory autoclave in our range is the purpose-designed Classic Media. Classic Media is a unique range of laboratory sterilizers developed by our own engineers. It features a built-in safety mechanism that prevents the unit being opened until the temperature inside has fallen to a safe level. The ‘appliance for science’, it is a safe, affordable and professional solution. For lab autoclaves, talk to Prestige Medical.

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After Sales Support

We provide specialist service contracts for our autoclaves with test regimes that guarantee that your equipment is operating to the very rigorous standards laid down by UK and European regulations and that it is giving you optimum performance.

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