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Dental Chair

  • Dental Chair
  • Dental Chair
  • Dental Chair
  • Dental Chair

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Stylish and contemporary Dental Chair

Standard Configuration _ What is included?
The standard configuration includes:
Ergonomic chair.
Autoclavable silicone pads.
Left arm rest (right armrest as option).
5 instruments: 1 of eco 3-ways syringe, 1 Woodpecker scaler EMS compatible with 5 tips included, 2 optical fibres cordon, 1 cordon without optical fibres. Cordons with Midwest connection.
Control panel on instrument tray: 3 programmable positions (trendelemburg position + reset position + last working position). Light control, basin control and programmable glass filling control, water boiler activation, x-ray viewer activation. chair movement controls.
Assistant tray: 1 of 3-ways syringe, double suction cannula (strong and wake suction) with 2 separated airtight filters.
Hot water boiler
Rotatable water unit with internal structure in aluminium.
Control panel on assistant tray: chair movement controls. Reset position, last working position. Light control, programmable basin control and glass filling control, water boiler activation.
Led lamp MAIA (from 8.000 to 35.000 lux) _ made by FARO – Italy.
Electric micromotor with LED illumination, brushless system, 40.000 rpm, internal spray _ made by TKD – Italy
Pedal with horizontal lever movement _ made by FARO – Italy
Disinfection system.
Doctor stool in PU leather, with 3 possible seat and backrest adjustments.
Pu leather cushions (without seams). High quality PU production process. Antisnitch.
1 year warranty (extendible up to 5 years)
Installation available also for left-handed doctors.

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