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Prestige Medical supports WeCare Worldwide

May 24, 2019

Prestige Medical supports WECare Worldwide in Sri Lanka

Following a programme on TV about stray dogs in Sri Lanka, Vicki Chegwin, Prestige Medical’s Account Manager for the Veterinary sector, felt compelled to do something to help.

Ben Fogle’s New Lives in the Wild programme followed a UK vet Janey Lowes working in Sri Lanka providing care for stray dogs. Following a holiday in Sri Lanka, Janey moved out to the south Asian island specifically to take care of these dogs where she then founded the charity WECare Worldwide.

The programme showed the passion, care, dedication and bravery from Janey and her team in Sri Lanka.

Following a discussion between Vicki and Prestige Medical’s MD John Potter, it was agreed that we would donate to Janey and her team a brand new autoclave to help them in their plight.

The autoclave will be sent to their base in the UK in May 2019 where it will be packed onto a container and sent to Sri Lanka.

Prestige Medical are committed to supporting the work of Global charities providing Veterinary care to Animals who have little or no option in terms of care. Janey and her team have sacrificed their life in the UK to make a difference to these Animals and we are very proud to support the work they do.

Please visit the WEcare Worldwide website:

Prestige Medical supports WeCare Worldwide