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Delegates Meet For Proclad Dubai Conference

July 10, 2018

Dubai was the venue for the Proclad group, two-day, senior management conference last month.

Prestige Medical, which is part of the diverse multi-million pound international engineering group, was joined by FTV Proclad (UAE) LLC – Pipe cladding and fabrication – Dubai and United Cast Bar Limited (UCB) – Foundry – Based in the UK and Spain, together with Proclad UK – Pipe cladding, fabrication, bending – UK and GMT Group – Gas metering valves and equipment – Germany, amongst others.

 John Potter, Prestige Medical’s managing director said: “It was a great opportunity to meet members of the group. The team worked well together and over the course of the two days became a very close unit. I believe as time progresses we will be stronger as one business rather than a collection of brands.”

The meeting was focussed on teamwork, synergy and the group’s 5 year strategy and goals. Each business leader was given an opportunity to engage with the wider Proclad community and to understand what working as a team can deliver.

Each of the business leaders delivered presentations providing an insight into the business, challenges they face and their 5 year vision. There were also two sessions with Doctor Raymond H Hamden, a specialist in Phycology and human relations. The sessions were based on the principles of teamwork and developing and building teams, with delegates working through a series of exercises.

 “I found the sessions to be an extremely positive experience which will enable the team to build a healthier and engaging business,” added John.


Delegates Meet For Proclad Dubai Conference