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Customer Testimonials

Mister Vets York

The Anima Pro is much easier to use than the old Anima and the other branded autoclave that we have. The LED panel is intuitive and the light system tells us where the cycle is up to from a distance, which is useful when in ops. We love the integrated waste water tank which is a huge improvement on the older model. Our Air Drill Hose kits and TTA kits fit in perfectly with the use of the Implant Tray.

Animal Trust

We love the Anima Pro and have this unit in a number of our practices. The lighting system and flexi rack is extremely useful. Our TTA kits fit in perfectly and we wouldn’t swap this with any other autoclave

Braid Vets

We love the Anima Pro. It’s very easy to use and the lighting system is really useful. We could fit all our instruments and kits in the autoclave easily. We particularly like the lighting system along with the waste water draining directly into the sink.