Autoclave Sterilization

Prestige Medical Blackburn

We are well-known, UK based autoclave manufacturers and a supplier of decontamination equipment and our products, including the popular Prestige autoclave known as a ‘Classic’ portable autoclave, are sold all around the World.

Our range of washer disinfectors range – UltraClean 3 – provides the first step in the decontamination process for surgical and dental instruments, trays and suitable plastics, cleaning more efficiently than any other method.

The autoclaving of surgical instruments and media using a combination of steam and high pressure for sterilization is the most effective method. The Prestige Medical autoclave known as the Classic 2100 range of portable steam steriliser is still recognised in many countries as a safer and more reliable alternative to the pressure cooker sterilization methods used in the past - resulting in this autoclave for sale all around the world.

In many countries, though, class ‘B’ vacuum sterilizers (auto clave), which can sterilize all types of autoclavable instruments, are now the autoclaves of choice. We offer a wide choice of front loading bench top sterilisers with vessel size, time and autoclave temperature designed specifically to suit each market and are happy to provide advice on the best sterilizer to meet your needs. Our Optima is a Class B autoclave that uses flash sterilization to achieve extremely fast cycle times.

In fact, there are now Prestige Medical solutions to suit the autoclaving and decontamination requirements of many sectors such as in dentistry, veterinary, podiatry, laboratory media, tattoo and beauty salons – with the appropriate validation to meet specific industry and legislative guidelines and at a competitive price in each market. We have autoclaves for sale at competitive prices and can usually supply within a very short time.

In the UK, we have our own team of engineers, there to provide a comprehensive package of after sale servicing and maintenance of our equipment to the highest standards, including autoclave validation. As sterilizer manufacturers, we ensure our distributor partners around the world receive the same level of training, offering training on autoclave maintenance in addition to the general operation of the autoclave machine.