Section 5.12 is particularly relevant

Section 5.12 states that ‘The practice must have disinfection and/or sterilization facilities suitable for the work undertaken.’ This is a Core Standard, applicable to all types of veterinary practice, which requires that there must be adequate facilities for sterilization and a recognized method of sterilization is employed.

It also requires that the practice provides an autoclave, vacuum or non vacuum, or other recognised sterilization system, for the effective sterilization of instruments and equipment.

The key words here are ‘effective sterilization’. EN13060 is the European Standard for small steam sterilizers and specifies cycle types for specific loads as follows:

• A ‘B’ type (vacuum) sterilizer should be used for the sterilization of all wrapped or non wrapped solid, hollow or porous products..

• An ‘N’ type (non vacuum) sterilizer should be used for the sterilization of non wrapped solid products.

The Standard also states that the sterilizer and associated equipment should only be used for the sterilization of the type of products for which it is designed. Contact us for more information or guidance.

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