Infection Control Solutions including Anima, the Autoclave for Veterinary Practices

Autoclave Sterilisation for Your Veterinary Instruments with Anima - the first choice veterinary autoclave

Many of the instruments used during veterinary procedures contain hollows or lumens and therefore the best choice of sterilizer is a ‘B’ class, vacuum machine. Use in conjunction with a purpose built clinical washer disinfector to provide an effective and validated cleaning process.

The Anima autoclave has been specifically designed for veterinary practices, with a longer drying cycle to accommodate drapes and instrument kits.

Veterinary AutoclaveAutoclave for Veterinary 

Anima – 22 litre bench top autoclave with ‘B’ (vacuum) and ‘N’ (non vacuum) cycles

UltraClean 3   – bench top or under bench washer disinfectors

Alpha N – 22 litre non vacuum autoclave

Prestige Medical is the only company to have developed a purpose-designed veterinary autoclave.


The Anima is a 22 litre ‘B class’ vacuum autoclave that also has a non vacuum cycle to give you maximum flexibility. With an extended drying cycle that makes it perfect for drapes, it also has an automatic thermal reset mechanism which means less engineer call-outs if accidentally overloaded.

The RCVS Guidelines are very clear on the requirement for practices to have a veterinary autoclave for the effective sterilization of instruments. This is a ‘Core Standard’ and applies to all types of veterinary practice. Check out our ‘Legislation’ pages for more information or contact us directly for more advice.