Creating a Safe Working Environment with a Prestige Medical Laboratory Autoclave

Sterilising with our Laboratory Autoclaves

The most widely used laboratory sterilizers are autoclaves - these eradicate micro-organisms by using pressurised steam to cause thermal stress to the bacteria or virus. To ensure that effective sterilization can be repeatedly achieved, it is necessary to incorporate automated cycle controls which elevate the temperature of the steam and maintain it for a specified time.

With the increased requirement to meet various laboratory safety and quality standards, modern lab autoclaves have evolved considerably from the days when large 'pressure cookers' were widely used. Choosing a lab autoclave will depend on the primary purpose for which the autoclave will be used.

Laboratory Autoclave

Autoclave for Laboratory






Classic Media – portable autoclave designed specifically for media

Optima B – bench top vacuum autoclave with fast cycle times

Advance B – bench top autoclave with ‘B’ (vacuum) and ‘N’ (non vacuum) cycles

Advance N  – bench top autoclave with ‘N’ cycle only

As manufacturers, we have a range of laboratory autoclaves available at a price to suit most budgets. Applications include liquid, glass and biohazard as found in laboratory, chemical, microbiology, food and pharmaceutical industries. The autoclave is used to ensure that all bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores are inactivated before the laboratory equipment can be re-used or safely disposed of through the council waste service. This method is becoming more common as an alternative to incineration due to environmental and health concerns.


The most popular laboratory autoclave in our range is the purpose-designed Classic Media. Classic Media is a unique range of laboratory sterilizers developed by our own engineers. It features a built-in safety mechanism that prevents the unit being opened until the temperature inside has fallen to a safe level.

The ‘appliance for science’, it is a safe, affordable and professional solution. For lab autoclaves, talk to Prestige Medical.