These criteria are particularly relevant

Criterion 1  – have the right systems in place to manage and monitor the prevention and control of infection, ie conduct risk assessments and ensure you have robust procedures and that they are documented.

Criterion 2  – provide a clean and appropriate environment, ie one that conforms to essential requirements and that instrument decontamination takes place in appropriate facilities.

Criterion 6  –  ensure that all staff are fully involved in the prevention and control of infection, ie conduct, maintain and document adequate training.

Criterion 9  – have and adhere to policies that will help to prevent and control infections, ie have in place a policy for the decontamination of instruments in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and Essential Requirements so that the instrument is sterilized at the end of the process and maintained in a clinically satisfactory condition up to the point of use.

Criterion 10  –  ensure that workers are free of, and protected from, exposure to infections, ie make sure your decontamination process is as hands free as possible and that staff are educated in the principles and practice of prevention and control of infection

The ideal solution