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We look at why instrument washing is so important


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Dental practices can meet Best Practice requirements for instrument decontamination in as little as 60 minutes with this 3 step solution from Prestige Medical. This big reduction in processing time means significant cost and time savings at a time when practice incomes are being squeezed.

Step One - Clean: With the new UltraClean 3 washer disinfector featuring a 35 minute 'Quick Cycle', including drying. In either bench top or under bench models, UltraClean 3 also features a glass viewing pane and illuminated chamber.

Step Two - Lubricate: With the Optimax hand piece lubrication system. Fast and simple to use, it can lubricate up to 3 hand pieces in less than 3 minutes. Air activated, Optima ensures the correct amount of lubrication every time.

Step Three - Sterilize: With Optima B - the fastest B class autoclave on the market. Now featuring a 15 minute hand piece cycle, Optima can sterilize a full 6kg load in only 23 minutes.