Accessories & consumables for autoclaves & sterilising equipment

Equipment and Fittings for Effective Sterilising

We can supply a range of consumables for your steam steriliser such as descaler and TST (electric steam steriliser temperature and pressure indicator) strips, in addition to Helix and Bowie Dick test packs. Our Classic electric steriliser range has a wide choice of autoclave fittings, enabling you to choose the model best suited to your needs.

The door or lid gasket is an important part of your sterilising equipment and is designed to provide a perfect seal – critical for the correct operation of steam sterilisers. Our customer care team will be able to advise you if you are unsure of the correct one to choose for your autoclave. They can also help explain the best method of looking after the gasket to obtain optimum performance and life.

Our UltraClean 3 range of washer disinfectors is supplied with a full set of internal furniture, with a choice of additional accessories and consumables including detergent, descaler and dental instrument cassette trays.

Recording data is increasingly important in order to meet equipment validation requirements as part of the decontamination process and we can provide both printer or data logger options for the majority of our autoclaves and washer disinfectors.